Thursday, May 1, 2008

Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Releases For DT Eyes Only

All Month Long.... IFTL Free Digi
This will release on Friday,  August 2nd

8-10 Releases


Sea Turtle Sam Snorkeling DS

Sea Turtle Sam Front DS

Bear as Bug Catcher

Bear on Smores Stack

Smore Mallowmen DS

Smore Guy DS

Squirrel Camper Ds

Squirrel By Campfire DS

Cut Files

Squirrels Happy Campers CF
Smore Guy CF
Sea Turtle Sam Snorkeling CF
Sea Turtle Sam Front CF
Bear As Bug Catcher CF
Squirrel Nuts 12 CF

To Do At Some Point
List for me to keep track of :-)

Bee Hapbee Bee CF
Gator w Balloons CF
Mouse n' Cupcake w Candle CF
Bear w Cake Boy CF
Bear w Cake Girl CF
Bear Girl w Cupcake CF
Cake Funky v13 CF
Bulldog Birthday CF
Birthday Turtle CF
Bear as Mermaid CF
Bear in Sundress CF
Bear w Watermelon CF
Squirrel Nuts 12 cf
Squirrel Abundant Blessings cf

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