Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making a Shadow or Outline With MTC

Hello Crafting Friends,

I was asked by someone, how they could create a “shadow” or outline of one of the paper piecing patterns they purchased from PaperCraftingWorld.com  with their MTC software.

Many of you know how to do this already, but for those that don’t here is what I came up with. I hope it makes sense.

shadow for vicki image1

1. Take your image and “put it together” More or less the way you want the finished piecing to appear. The most important thing here is getting the pieces in the right places for the outer edge. For instance, the pocket pieces and the little patch and the buttons and face really are needed here, but for sizing you can leave it all together.

2. Select all and copy and paste the “put together piece on a new “project” or “layer” as I like to call it.
NOTE: This step is important. Keep a separate copy of it for later.
step 2 weld

3. In the new project tab and with all the pieces still selected, right click on the image and select the shape magic tool and from there select weld.

4. Weld your pieces together.
step 3 break apart to get rid of mouth
5. This is what you will get a direct outline of the piece. You can see it “cut out the Mouth”. So I want to get rid of that by selecting the image and right clicking and selecting the shape magic option and then break.
Doing this will allow you to select the mouth and delete it. Remember your just looking for the outside or Outer edge of your piecing.

this is the base outlin image
This is what the finished outline will look like.

shadow layer menu
6. Next, select and right click the “Outline” and select shape magic again and then shadow layer. The shadow layer dialog box will appear. You can use the slider bar to create as thick a shadow as you need to. Once you’re satisfied you click accept. You can also quickly access this dialog box by selecting your object and then click your control button and H or CTRL & H.

shadow dialog box

outline and welded piece

7. You know have your original outline and the “shadow”  as pictured above.
finished file

8. Now go back to your original file that was “put together” select it all and copy it

9. Paste into the same project or layer that your newly created shadow is on. Now just resize it to fit nicely in your shadow and that’s it :-)
Now you can resize it all together at once and keep your shadow thickness consistent no matter what size you use. You’re now good to go!

Hope this cleared up the mystery for those who are new to MTC.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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  1. WOW Melin, I am going to love this blog!!!! any future plans to include the Pazzles in your tutorials????


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