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MTC and Cricut Settle Mother's Day Layout

Here is a close up of the butterfly.

Here is a layout I created that was also published in the Bug Magazine.

I used the following cartridges to complete
Quarter Note, 
CM Cheerful Seasons, 
Elegant Cakes

Plus I used my Gypsy.

You can get complete details on how I created this layout in the Bug Magazine.
The Link is HERE

So now on to another topic.

As many of you in the crafting – cutting community know, Provo Craft (PC) filed suit against The owners of Make The Cut Software (MTC) for copyright infringement.

That lawsuit has been settled. We are still waiting to get an official statement on the Direction of Make The Cut from its owners.

There is a LOT of buzz and this is an emotionally charged issue. At this point I just want to make it clear that Make The Cut works with several other electronic cutters aside from the Cricut. As such, I will continue to have my affiliate program in place 

I must also in good conscience make it clear that the continued and future use of MTC in conjunction with Cricut products is unclear. I personally do not warrant the software and its current or future capabilities. Please be informed and make your own decision based on this current information.

As I learn more information, I will be sure to share it with all of you.

Make The Cut Settles Cricut Software Lawsuit With Provo Craft

By Nancy Nally on March 11, 2011
Documents filed in US District court on Wednesday reveal that Make The Cut has reached a settlement with Provo Craft in the lawsuit over 3rd party Cricut software created by Make The Cut. Provo Craft had sued Make The Cut in April 2010 alleging that Make the Cut’s 3rd party software for Cricut machines illegally circumvented copyright protection on Provo Craft’s products and violated copyright on the company’s Cricut Design Studio software code.
Provo Craft had appeared particularly to be targeting in the suit the recently introduced “back-up” feature in the Make The Cut software, which allowed users to create back-ups of their Cricut cartridges. (The feature was only available to users for a two week period in March 2010 before being pulled from distribution as a result of the litigation.)
Terms of the settlement were stipulated to the court in joint documents filed by the companies Wednesday with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, which had been hearing the case. Under the settlement, Make The Cut is permanently and immediately disallowed from selling software that is compatible in any way with Cricut machines. The company is also required to destroy all copies of the software’s source code.
For the existing software, Make The Cut also is required to take measures within 30 days to disable the 600 copies that were sold of the software with the cartridge back-up feature. Make The Cut is ordered to render these copies of the software completely non-functional until these users update their software to a copy that eliminates the back-up function.
Provo Craft also recently filed suit against another 3rd party Cricut software creator, Craft Edge, in an attempt to stop distribution of their Sure Cuts A Lot product.

The above information was from

As I create my cutting files, I will continue to offer them in the .MTC file extension for those that will continue to use MTC in conjunction with their electronic cutters. I will of course also continue to have my files available in the SVG format among the other formats as well.

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  1. The layout is beautiful. All I can say is Cricut is shooting themselves in the foot. Ask Apple, they did the same thing decades ago and IBM became the preferred format because you could get compatible software from a variety of sources. I have the Cricut Design Studio software and I rarely used it because, quite frankly, it sucks. It's not user friendly and it's limited. If it means I have to buy a different cutting machine to still be able to access a wide variety of cutting patterns, so be it, but Cricut will be the real loser.


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