Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, 105 Years Old Card

Hello everyone,
Welcome on this glorious day!  I am Charlotte from A Little Bit Of Detail and just so excited to be here and share a special card I made for a special friend.  My dear friend Ruth turned 105 on February 14th!  Is that amazing or what!!!  Yes, she is 105 years old, lives independently in her house.  She does her own yard work, knits caps for babies born premature, cans lots of vegetables in the summer, and best of all, makes a caramel cake to die for!!  And she does all of this without wearing hearing aides or eyeglasses.
I made this card for Ruth's birthday.  I know how much she likes pink and loves flowers.  The cute cake is a digital stamp from Paper Crafting World.  

I did a little inking around the edges with some pink and them added the little flowers. The flowers are gummed stamps from Jolee's Boutique.  I also created a border for the card with hearts.  (I just had to add the hearts border with her birthday beingon Valentines Day)!  I topped that border with a flowered trim that I had in my sewing stash.  The Happy Birthday sentiment is also a digital stamp from Paper Crafting World.  It too was inked with some pink. Now I know that you would like to see a photo of my friend, Ruth, so……… HERE SHE IS!!

This photo was taken of us at her party.  Isn't she just adorable. Thank you for joining us today.  Come back often for more fun projects.

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  1. What a beautiful card and a wonderful story!! She's gorgeous and how lucky to still be so independent.


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