Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Personalized Gift Wrap By Atiya


Hope you all are doing fab! This is Atiya again from TWS Products BTS and today I am here for another post for this wonderful blog. 

So this time it's a Personalized Gift Wrap with PCW's Word Art. You can find the file here!

Firstly, I wrapped up the gift with the newspaper. I love wrapping it with newspaper it gives a chic look! Secondly, I pasted few flowers to give a warmer vibe as it was an wedding anniversary present. Then lastly, I took a twine and a red ribbon and tied them around the box and while making a bow of the red ribbon I made a hole into the PCW word art file which says 'You're Special'. It's a chalkboard art! And with that I took another tag which said 'Happy Anniversary' and tied them up. 

That was all it! It took hardly 10 minutes to wrap the gift. 

I hope you like today's post! Till next time!

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