Monday, February 22, 2016

Easel Card

Hi ladies!
I'm Laura "My days and my dreams" and today I'm going to show an easel triangular card something different:
To make it I used the digi "Raccoon Key 2 My Heart". It's a lovely raccoon.
This digi stamp comes in different formats, but basically can print blank coloring:

Or color, ready to cut:
 On this occasion I printed several digis color and then began to cut them.The complete first.And the oters I cut these different component parts:

I like to give dimension to my work, so I used my tools again to emboss and delved on the reverse to give each piece volume

 When everyone was ready I was sticking by layers each piece over the entire digi:

  I used cold silicone and filled with every piece on the reverse.
In the end, my digi does not look flat, it looks with a large volume that emphasizes a little inking the edges with darker colors, in this case coffee downstairs and gray top.
  Finally I let my digi look over my easel triangular card:

I added a double bow my card on the front and back of digi a heart of metal. In the center of the bun also I added another tiny metal heart. At the base just I put the sentiment that choose of already had stamped on cork.
My card in Blue is perfect for a gift from a friend of my daughter, dou you like?
And now please don't forget to join in our monthly challenge - add a heart.
Just follow the challenge link when you visit the design team blog HERE.
Thanks for stopping to read me.



  1. This is really pretty! Love the embossing on the print n cut!

  2. What a great way to use a print and cut. The card is amazing.

  3. Amazing!! So 3d looking- the detail is amazing!!


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