Monday, April 25, 2016

Gray Hare

Today I've got another project for you using two PCW files.  The first is the Circle Deco Card.  The second is the Bunny Sitting.

Sometimes my mind works in mysterious ways...I knew I wanted to work with this particular card base but was undecided as to what to use as my focal image.  I saw the bunny and looked back at the base and I thought the edges of that lacy center looked like carrot tops...a card was born!

I'm sharing how I made this card, but I am a Silhouette Cameo girl so all my instructions are based on that.  Hopefully the various cutting machines have the same general functions, so you should be able to reproduce the results on yours.

I cut the base from Basic Gray card stock by Stampin' Up.  Before I cut it, I did an internal offset at .125 to create a panel for the inside sentiment...more about that later.

Because I was going to cover up the center of the lacy mat for this card, I didn't need the lattice.  So I released the compound path and removed each of the little diamonds inside the mat.  Three days later I was done. ;-) I cut it from a scrap piece of green card stock.

Now that I had my beautiful "carrot top" mat, I needed carrots.  Since Melin of PCW did all the hard work for me, I thought I could afford the time to play a bit with making a carrot to work.  I wanted it wide enough at the top end to fit perfectly with its top and long enough to reach the center.  I started with a rounded rectangle and these are the steps I took:

Now that I had my custom sized carrot, I laid it out on the mat.  I first duplicated the carrot using mirror below, lined them up to their tops, grouped them and then rotated them in the replicate window and created an entire ring of carrots.

I could have cut them all individually, but I thought that would create too much bulk, so I opted to change it to a print and cut.  If I printed them without lines distinguishing one carrot from another, it would just be an orange mass (or mess); so I changed my line color to a dark orange, increased the line thickness to 1.5 and checked print lines of selected shapes.  Then I traced just the outer edge and it was ready to go!  I also cut an individual carrot and a section of the green to make a carrot for the bunny to hold.

After that, the bunny was a piece of cake to make.  I cut the pieces from light gray card stock from my scraps.  I do a couple of things with cut files like this I wanted to share with you.  First, I am very particular that my finished product is just right so I fuss over the pieces to get them at the correct angle, height, etc, etc, etc.  Once I have them exactly as I want them, I don't want to have to go through all that again, so I group them and trace around the outside edge so I have a solid base as a template on which to place my pieces.  Makes it so easy to assemble this way.  Here's a close-up of the bunny and the mat.  I think you can see I popped the bunny's head and feet for added dimension.

Another thing I do because I have such a time trying to handle small pieces is to combine the black and white of the eyes.  I convert the black to print only, align and group it with the white, then print and cut them.  I do love the look of individual pieces, but this makes it so much easier for me.
Finishing touches include adding a touch of white in the eyes and on the nose with Sakura White Gelly Roll Pen and tied the carrot with a bit of Bakers Twine.  While bunnies are generally associated with Easter, I like to see if I can make cut files do double duty, so you can see how I turned this into a birthday card.  I've seen reference to Gray Hares in cards before...this is my version.

It's not often you'll see a picture of me, if ever...I avoid cameras like the plague.  But I'm breaking the out of my comfort zone and sharing a picture of me...and all my gray hares (well, white actually).

Did you really think someone as camera-shy as me would share a picture you could actually see?  Hope you appreciate my sense of humor!

Come visit me to say hello if you get the chance...I'm at Katydid Cards!

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  1. You are so funny!! I love your hares!! Lol! And that carrot background is awesome!! Just love it!


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