Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A New Nest Card by Kim

It's Kim from Katydid Cards donning my Paper Crafting World Design Team hat today!  I'm sharing a card featuring the Bird House cut file.  I thought this would make a great focal image on a card I want to make for a friend moving into a new apartment...her "new nest"!  Here's a picture of the cut file:

Bird House

And here's the finished card:

I decided I wanted to turn this into an easel card, so the first thing I did was create the 5" square card base in my Silhouette.  I'll walk you through the steps I took, just in case you haven't tried this yourself yet.  It started out looking like this; 5" x 10" with perforated lines at 5" and 2 1/2":

This size base was a perfect size for the cutting file, so no re-sizing was necessary.  So my next step was to trace the outline of the birdhouse.  You'll understand why in the next step.

Now I bring that outline into my card base, centering it left to right and positioning it where desired top to bottom.  This is where the birdhouse will sit, but first we want to cut instruct the Silhouette to cut the roof area above the score mark.  By the way, you'll notice I removed the score line inside the house, leaving them on either side.

Before I removed the unnecessary pieces of the bird house, I made a copy of the above and made a compound path (in the modify window).  Once a compound path has been made, all lines become solid and connected.  The only reason I'm doing this is because I want to make panels of patterned paper to fit on the front around the birdhouse.  Here's what that will look like:

Now I have the panels for the front and the panel for the inside as well, should I choose to use it.  I deleted the copy at this point as I had no further need for it.

Back to my original card.  I want to keep a cut line above the score, but I want to remove everything below.  To do this I used my knife feature and cut just below the score.  I also eliminated the chimney from the cut by deleting the points.

Those of you who've made an easel card know you need something on which to prop the easel.  I thought a little bird to go with the birdhouse would be perfect, so I used the Blue Birdies cut file.  Here's a picture of the file...you get two birds!

I also wanted a place to insert a greeting, so I made the label by combining several shapes.  I had an idea of what I wanted the label to look like, so I made several shapes to weld together and then re-sized the bluebird, traced and welded the outline into the label.  Here's a step by step pictorial of how I accomplished it.

This first picture shows the three individual shapes I used to make the label.  I then centered the three shapes and then welded into one shape.

This next picture shows the bird in its original size.  I traced the outer edge of the bird while he was still larger as I thought it would be easier.  Next I re-sized the bird and centered it on the label.  I removed the bird, leaving only the outline and then welded the two.  The final image shows the greeting I inserted on either side of the spot where the bird will sit.

For those of you who don't have a Silhouette and have stick with me this far, I sure do appreciate your patience.  Yes, we are finally getting to more pictures of the card.  First up is a picture of the card lying flat for mailing.  I used cloud patterned paper from the Bit O' Blarney Kit.  The base and house front were cut from Bazzill pale yellow and the balance were all cut from scraps...love to get rid of scraps and turn them into something cute.

And here it is from the side.  I've made easel cards using two separate pieces of card stock, but this one requires less paper and is just as easy.

Here's a close-up of the label I made and the little bird which is the perfect prop (both literally and figuratively) for the birdhouse.  I typed the greeting using the Always Forever font (free from DaFont) and color matched it to the dark brown.  Isn't he the cutest little bird?

On the back portion of the card, I wanted to insert a sentiment; but I also wanted to include a gift card.  I decided to handle it this way.  I cut the panel on an angle and placed 1/8" double-sided tape along the left and bottom of the panel and just a 1/2" on the top left.  I changed the little bird to print only to have a cute accent on the inside of the card.  Now there's room to tuck in a gift card.

I thought it would be cute to have a little surprise message after the card is removed, so I typed this on the blue patterned paper using the same font, same color.

I'm working on a few more cards which I'm looking forward to sharing with you soon.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about this card, just ask and I'll do my best to help.  And stop by Katydid Cards for a visit if you get the chance.

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  1. awesome tutorial.
    Love the birds! They are adorable!!!

  2. This is so cute! Love all the puns and your combination of the two files!!!


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