Monday, May 9, 2016

Just Sitting Here... card by Kim

Hi!  It's Kim from Katydid Cards spending some quality time with you today.

So I saw this adorable Bear on Potty and thought how cute it would be on a layout for potty training with his cute little feet dangling and the toilet paper unwinding, but I wondered how I might use it on a card.  Then I saw this Warm Winter Wishes Card and the idea came together.

The Warm Winter Wishes is, indeed, beautiful as a Christmas/Winter greeting card, but I just loved the "bones" of this card and wanted to be able to do more with it all year through.  So I traded in snowflakes for toilet paper!

I wanted the card to have a "bathroom" feel to it for obvious reasons, so I went to my digital patterned paper and found the patterns you see from the Bubble Bath kit from Peppermint Creative for the two rounded rectangles and the scallop edged band.  I found a Bazzill teal card stock which matched the darkest color in the pattern perfectly.  I didn't want to have to search through all my card stock to match the remaining pieces so I simply color-matched the two ovals and the scalloped oval to the colors.  I'll show you how I did that in my Silhouette just in case you're not sure what I mean.

When I started this process, the scalloped oval to the left was colorless.  I selected the scalloped oval as the object I wanted to fill.  I open on the Fill Color window and, under the basic options, I clicked on the eye dropper.  That will create a pointer which I move to the color I want to copy (the selected color also appears in the rectangle next to the dropper). I did this with the remaining ovals and printed them on Whisper White for a perfectly color matched card.

For the greeting, I created a text to path.  I typed my greeting using the AR Cena font.  Then, using the following steps, I placed it on the edge of the smallest oval.  The upper left is the oval, then I created an internal offset just smaller than the oval (this is not a necessary step, but I choose to take this extra step to give myself an extra bit of wiggle room.  I moved the offset and double-clicked on my greeting, which makes a plus sign will appear and that is what will attach to the path.  I attached it and, placing my image where I want it to appear on my finished card, I slid it to the precise position.  That internal offset becomes almost does not print or cut at this point.  Group the sentiment and offset and then center it on the original oval.  I'm hoping this image will make things a bit clearer:

Here's a picture showing all the luscious layers on this card made by using dimensionals and glue dots.  I provided even more dimension by scoring the lines in the larger rectangle to simulate tile and by embossing the bottom rectangle with the tiny bubbles embossing folder.

Now all I have to do to finish up this card is to create the sentiment for the inside...but what sentiment would go well with a bear on a toilet.   If you haven't already figured it out, you'll see I do tent to have a dry (some might say sick) sense of humor and I think this sentiment bears that out.  Of course, I will try to come up with other options as well for those not inclined to share my humor.

To create this, I used the same font.  I enlarged the last word quite a bit and imported the same tile patterned paper into it.  And now...all the paperwork is done!  Get it?

Come say hello at Katydid Cards if you get the chance!  Have a great day!

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  1. oh Kim this is so stinkin cute! LOL! I just love that potty bear!

  2. What an adorable idea - love it!!! It is just so cute. I love that you can see more possibilities with different files. I really need to work on that.


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