Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer BBQ invitation by Norma

Hello my crafty Friends,

I am Norma from Creating and Sharing it. Today I want to share with you an invitation I made for my husband’s birthday party. We live in New York and right now, we are enjoying the summer, for us is the perfect time to organize a BBQ.

What I tried to do is a menu sign so our guests know what are we going to have, but poor of them, because we are vegans! Well they already know that, hehehe.

To make my card, I use the King of the Grill digi stamp. In this occasion I was making too many, so I decided to use the one that is pre colored and I just add some details. 

I hope you like the idea and maybe you can use it for your summer BBQs.   

You might want to pop on over to the store to check out the fabulous files. Some are on sale and there’s a 50% discount on orders over $10.00…that’s HALF PRICE!

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  1. This invite is so cute!!! Super creative! Well done!!!!

  2. This is adorable! What a great invitation! I'd be sure my schedule was clear for this BBQ!

  3. I will be right over! I just love the easel stand! What a great idea!


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