Monday, September 12, 2016

A Bushel of Thanks by Kim

Hello there!  It's Kim from Katydid Cards.

I have to say I love how this card turned out and I'm so excited to share this with you I'm going to do that without further ado.

Now for some details.  I used the Apples in Basket CF and had every intention of making a regular card.  Looking at the pieces, I realized they would lend themselves so well to a box card.  I've made box cards before, but I never made one from scratch using an object.

The first thing I did was trace around the basket which would be the front.  Then I sized the basket to the width I wanted for the sides.  I placed them side by side and then made the flap and squared-off side.
I arranged the apples in the basket and, while they were still exactly as I wanted them I traced around it.  I made a copy of the piece I created above and placed the traced image right on top and welded them together.

I didn't have to do this to the back, but I thought it would make a for a cleaner look...not having to look at the back of the inserts.

And speaking of inserts, this is how I made them.  Since, I already had the apples arranged and created the back based on that.  I was very careful not to move the apples as I made the 1/2" bands I attached as the inserts.  I made the first insert to attach to inside of the front.  This will be for the red apple.  The second insert was for the two green apples and the third for the yellow apple.  I welded the apple shapes to the inserts to provide a sturdy base for the apples.  That looks like this:
I cut the apples from three different colors and coated them with Crystal Effects.  While they were drying, assembled the box, cut the basket front and sides and embossed them with a woodgrain embossing folder, then attached them to the box, placing the band on top.  I folded the leaves and ran them through a crimper.  

Next, I added the apples to the inserts and attached them inside the box.  Let me show you a few pictures to make what I'm saying a bit clearer.
For the back, I created an internal offset and typed a sentiment using the Blackjack font in brown.  I added another apple.  To finish I added all the leaves and put some Wink of Stella on the basket bands.
I hope I've inspired you to give this a try.  If you do, please share!  And please come visit me at Katydid Cards to say hello.

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See you next time!



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