Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall Treat Toppers By Norma

Hello My crafty friends,

Here Norma from Creating andsharing it, Today I want to share with you a little treat I made.

Next week we are having an early Thanks Giving dinner at the church and I don’t know you, but I like the candy corn,  really I wait all year long, to have some, and you may say “why you don’t buy some extra?” but the true is that I just like them in this season, then is not the same, lol! Plus they are not healthy at all.

Well, I love this digi since the first moment I saw it.  I like the idea of the animals sharing together (but in the oven) I put these 2 thing together and made this cute bags full of candy corn.

Is a very easy craft, I just took some bags, filled them with candy corn and at the top, I decorate them with a piece of card stock and the digi called Bear and Turkey Buddies.

I thing they look so fun that I will use the same cards as a place name.  

Hope you like it, and if you want to make some little treats for your friends. you might want to pop on over to the store to check out the fabulous files. Some are on sale and there’s a 50% discount on orders over $10.00…that’s HALF PRICE!


  1. what an adorable treat bag topper. This is a really cute digi.

  2. That's a great topper. I agree, it makes for a great placecard, too!

  3. Norma - they are adorable! you did a great job! So cute!


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