Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Cog by Kim

Hi there!  It's Kim from Katydid Cards!

For my post today, I thought I would share some Paper Crafting World style Father's Day inspiration.  I used the Cogs in Heart Card CF Set for my card, but I changed it up a bit to show you yet another way you can use it.  Here's my version...actually I made two versions of my version ;-):

For my cards, I eliminated the card base provided in the cut file and replaced it with a Heavy Weight Acetate Card by Hero Arts.  This heavier acetate provides the needed support required of a card base, especially when layered with card stock.  The card on the right was embossed with the Clockworks embossing folder while the card on the left is not.  I think I like the plain version better because you can see and appreciate the cut pieces better, BUT this acetate is a real bear to keep clean.  Despite my best effort, I managed to smudge and scratch the acetate just by assembling the card.  The embossing, though a busy look, eliminates that problem.

Here's a look at each individually:

I assembled and will talk about this card in the reverse as I attached the back pieces first to help with the placement of the front pieces.

I created a mirror image of the larger cut file pieces on the back of the card; sized and then welded them.  With acetate, you have to hide the adhesive, so I placed the largest black piece on the outside back of the card.  The gray piece was attached on the inside back; creating the perfect backdrop for the sentiment inside.

Speaking of the sentiment, I converted the cut file to print only and increased its transparency for behind the sentiment.

For the front of the card, I cut the cog heart from Brushed Silver card stock and attached it; centering it over the black heart with cog edges on the inside, facing out.

And here's a final look at the card, opened, so you can appreciate how cool the pieces look "floating" on the card.


That wraps it up for today.  If you're interested in seeing more Paper Crafting World files, just click here.  And if you get a spare moment, please come visit me at Katydid Cards

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